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Beech battenboard

In our timber production we make quality beech battenboard. We produce them using squared beech strips, which we glue into a solid wooden board. The use of our production technology results in firm and stable beech battenboards, which are suitable for the making of high-quality furniture, for wood panelling, staircases, window sills and load-bearing structures. In 2021 we newly prepare limited production of battenboard from other woody plants as well. Inform yourselves.

Production of beech battenboard

We use proven procedures to make battenboards. We offer both finger-jointed and continuous battenboard. Our products fulfil the requirements of DIN EN 12775 concerning solid wood panels. We provide battenboards with surface finish according to your requirements and sand them on both sides (the grain size of belt sanders ranges from 40 to 100).

Dimensions of beech battenboard

  • Width: up to 1,250 mm
  • Length: up to 6,000 mm
  • Standard thickness: 18, 20, 27, 30, 40 and 45 mm
  • Strip width: from 36 to 50 mm

Quality and quality classes of beech battenboard

You can choose from several quality classes of our beech battenboard.

Quality class A/B

  • A: the frontThe surface is of the same colour and shade. Not allowed: heartwood streaks, bird’s eyes over 3 mm in diameter, knots, signs of wet rot, blue stains, noticeable discolouration, planning defects. The battenboard is technically perfect, with no marks of open saw teeth and with joints properly pressed together in the board surface, with no gluing defects, open joints and the like.
  • B: the backThe surface is of non-matching colours and different shades but still is technically perfect. Not allowed: heartwood streaks, knots, blue stains, stains due to stacking and interlayers, and planning defects – with no open saw teeth and gluing defects. Minor discolourations of wood and minor putty corrections are allowed to a limited extent. Boards of this quality class are made of strips clean on all four sides.

Quality class C/C

The occurrence of a false heartwood on both sides.

  • The front: of different colours, with a share of black and brown heartwood, healthy overgrown bird’s eyes up to 3 mm in diameter is allowed but no black streaks and big knots.
  • The back: with an unlimited share of black and brown heartwood, black streaks, healthy overgrown bird’s eyes up to 3 mm in diameter, with no knots. It is technically perfect.

Quality class C/D

Boards of this quality class are made of strips of bluish and greyish shades.

  • Front sides have a greater share of black heartwood and small knots. It is technically perfect. Only complaints concerning technical issues will be accepted for this quality class. We produce boards of this quality class in a limited amount only. Even this quality class has the same mechanical properties and it is a full-fledged product from a technical point of view. 

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Contact persons

Production of beech battenboard, purchase of beech squared timber


Ing. Tomáš Valer
Manager of Division Veselí

E-mail: valer@lst.cz

Mobile phone: +420 602 567 108

Sale of beech battenboard

Ing. Tomáš Valer

Shop of Division Veselí

E-mail: valer@lst.cz

Mobile phone: +420 602 567 108


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