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CNC Machining

CNC woodworking

The Hundegger K2i automated line enables high-quality woodworking with maximum precision. We carry out multiple and angular timber cutting, surface milling, cut-outs, wood hollowing and preparation of carpentry joints for lapping and mortising.

We produce our own wood building materials KVH (DUO/TRIO), BSH for:

  • Classic tied trusses
  • Wooden houses
  • Log buildings
  • Car shelters
  • Pergolas
  • Arbours
  • Shelters
  • Garden houses

We use SEMA software for wooden structures..

Laser measurements

Leica 3D DISTO device

This is a laser rangefinder and inclinometer for 3D measurements with CAD-compatible output.

The service is suitable for companies that need to accurately align a structure in an inaccessible location with complex terrain and without many right angles. The maximum measuring distance is 50 m if certain conditions are met. The output is a data format for CAD.

The pricing of this service is detailed in the current price list. When utilising this service, we guarantee the measurement data accuracy and the subsequent production of the wooden structure.


  • angle measurement: range 360° horizontally, 250° vertically, accuracy 5"
  • length measurement: range 0.5-50 m
  • 3D measurement accuracy: 1 mm at 10 metres, 2 mm at 30 metres, 4 mm at 50 metres
  • Digital viewfinder magnification: 8x
  • Data format: import – DXF, CSV, export – DXF, DWG, TXT, CSV, JPG

Offer processing, technical consulting, building surveying, construction design

Contact person

Miroslav Tomášek
E-mail: Tomasek@lst.cz

Telephone: +420 721 560 325

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