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Company management

Our company was formed as part of the privatisation process after 1989 as Lesní společnost Trhanov a.s., on the foundations of a former plant of a state enterprise.

We have been developing and growing ever since, we invest in modernising the existing premises and expand our production capacities.

In the company management, we deal with the comprehensive management of the company, its development, coordination of the activities of individual divisions, personnel issues and other cross-cutting activities necessary for the healthy life of the company (e.g. OHS, certification, relations with government administration etc.).

The scope of responsibility of the Managing Director includes the HR and payroll departments, IT dept., specialist assistant to the Managing Director and the secretariat of the Managing Director.


Company management address

LST a.s.

Trhanov 48

345 33 Trhanov

Company ID No.: 60 70 68 05

VAT ID No.: CZ60706805

Contact details of LST a.s.

Telephone: +420 379 792 511

Fax: +420 379 794 364

E-mail: info@lst.cz

Current statement from the Commercial Register (or.justice.cz/ias/ui/rejstrik-firma.vysledky?subjektId=530842&typ=PLATNY)

Managing Director of the company

Ing. Miloslav Konopík

E-mail: konopik@lst.cz

Telephone: +420 379 792 511

Fax: +420 379 792 514


Jana Steinbergerová

E-mail: steinbergerova@lst.cz

Telephone: +420 379 795 511

Fax: +420 379 792 514

Personnel, Human Resources and Payroll Department

Iveta Pavlíčková

E-mail: pavlickova@lst.cz

Telephone: +420 379 792 515

Assistant Managing Director

Jakub Kadlec

E-mail: kadlec@lst.cz

Telephone: +420 379 792 537

Mobile phone: +420 725 257 704


Štěpán Karban

E-mail: karban@lst.cz

Telephone: +420 379 792 520