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Division 4 - Moravia 1 – Zlín

The division is based in Zlín. This division includes production premises in Veselí nad Moravou, where we have got a sawmill and, in particular, modern production of battenboard. The services that will be provided to you by this division are

  • Comprehensive logging, skidding, wood haulage and clearance of brushwood including disposal of brushwood if needed.
  • Purchase and sale of wood.
  • Professional administration of other users’ forests.
  • Advisory and consulting services for forestry.
  • Assistance in selling or buying a forest including valuation and expert opinions.
  • Production, sale and transport of biomass.
  • Production and sale of beech battenboard.
  • We purchase beech squared timber.
  • Production of sawn timber.

Contact Details

Registered office: Zlín

Correspondence address:

Lány 1182

698 01 Veselí nad Moravou

Director of Division Moravia 1

Petr Babiš

E- mail: babis@lst.cz

Mobil: +420 731 467 161


Ing. Petr Sojka

E-mail: sojka@lst.cz

Mobile phone: +420 702 279 629

Shop – assortment of raw wood

Petr Babiš

E-mail: babis@lst.cz

Mobile phone: +420 731 467 161

Sale of battenboard, sawn timber and biomass for heating

Plant manager

Ing. Tomáš Valer

E- mail: valer@lst.cz

Mobile phone: +420 602 567 108