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KVH/BSH construction squared timber

We prepare and sell KVH/BSH construction squared timber of high quality and with a certificate.

  • KVH is dried and longitudinally jointed sawn timber with an indented joint that is subsequently planed. We supply duo and trio squared timber as well.
  • BSH is longitudinally jointed sawn timber with an indented joint. Preliminary planning of strips is followed by gluing of the strips all over the surface. The entire square timber is planed only afterwards.

Whether you choose KVH or BSH from our timber products for your project, we can assure you of high quality.

Contact person

Ing. Pavel Skřivánek
Director of Division 6 – Wood Processing

E-mail: skrivanek@lst.cz

Phone: +420 379 496 118

Mobile phone: +420 725 024 009

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