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Our strategy and development projects

Our strategy

The strategic vision of LST a.s. is to maintain a stable business position based on these three basic pillars: forestry, sawmill operation and battenboard production. By strictly adhering to technological procedures within all key areas, observing suitably designed and applied control mechanisms, and sticking to ethical business conduct with customers, we aim at eliminating legitimate passive complaints. Our common goal in all these areas is striving for continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services we provide. To achieve this, we strictly observe the following standards: ISO:9001, ISO:14001, OHSAS 18001 and CFCS 2002.


In order to secure continuous improvement in the quality management system, we will keep implementing the latest technologies. In this process, we will place emphasis on eliminating the causes of mistakes and on prevention.

Customer orientation

We want to face competitive pressure by concentrating on the customers’ needs. The quality of our products must meet the customers’ requirements better than other comparable products and services by our competitors.


In relation to the employees, the goal of the quality system implemented is continuous improvement in the working conditions and environment. We will support employees’ activities leading to improvements in processes, improvements in the quality of outputs and increase in qualifications. We will place emphasis on sharing information with our employees in a timely and accurate manner to improve the atmosphere and trust within the company and to build a lasting employee motivation.


By implementing the quality management system, we strive for better and mutually advantageous relations with our suppliers because we believe that a supplier is our partner that directly participates in the quality of our products.

Chain of Custody

In accordance with the standard CFCS 2002 in force, the company shares its commitment to apply and maintain the requirements of the Chain of Custody. LST, a.s. undertakes to comply with the social, health and safety requirements defined in the CFCS 2002 document. The company is capable of supplying its customers with the required quantity of a certified raw material. The company excludes the delivery of a controversial raw material and contributes by this activity to ecological development of forestry.

Environmental protection

LST a.s. acknowledges and advocates an active approach in environmental protection.

Furthermore, we observe the regulations and decisions made by the relevant environmental authorities, aiming at achieving the best possible results when fulfilling the established criteria for environmental protection. We try to use latest technology for our activities, which allow us to remove the consequences of damage incurred as effectively as possible. We will fulfil this goal on condition that all principles of pollution prevention are observed in all aspects of our environment.

At the same time, controlled procedures (emergency plans) are prepared to prevent emergencies or to minimise their environmental implications. Locations identified as potential places of emergencies dangerous to the environment are monitored to secure continuous supervision and to prevent emergencies. The outcomes of such monitoring are measurable results of the management of significant environmental aspects of the company’s contracts.

Company Environmental Profile

In accordance with the document on the Integrated Management System, containing the environmental aspects of the company’s activities, programmes are prepared to improve environmental impacts mainly in the following areas:

  • Forestry activities – reduce overall fuel consumption, use environmentally friendly technology
  • Cultivation activities – use environmentally degradable chemicals
  • Production of beech battenboard – reduce electricity consumption, use eco-friendly glues
  • Production of sawn timber - reduce electricity consumption
  • Road haulage – reduce overall fuel consumption

The areas listed above are evaluated in the “Company’s Environmental Profile” document, which assesses the criteria achieved within a year-long period.

Occupational health and safety

We will place great emphasis on strict compliance with safety standards, especially on implementing preventive actions.

The company will focus on minimising the most serious findings made based on existing hazard identification registers and

risk assessment. In accordance with improvement programmes, the company will set goals for reducing risks of diseases, accidents and undesirable events in workplaces.

Compliance with the applicable legislation in force and other OHS requirements is an integral part of the OHS policy.

The OHS policy is communicated to all the employees of the company and is available to interested parties on the company website.

Objectives, targets, Programmes and tasks

Specific objectives regarding quality, C-o-C, environmental and OHS objectives as well as specific achievable values thereof, programmes and tasks designed to reach them will be announced every year for each centre in the form of the controlled document “Objectives for xxxx (year)” and “Improvement Programme”.

Commitment and Expectations

The top management commits itself to creating the necessary resources and conditions to fulfil this Policy of the Integrated Management System. It also makes the commitment that all the employees of the company will be familiarised with this quality policy and will work towards its objectives. The IMS policy will be audited and updated regularly based on the needs of the company and the market situation.

At the same time, the company management expects all their colleagues to adopt the above-mentioned principles and follow them actively.

Trhanov, 8 October 2012

Published by director’s order No. 7, ref. No. 384/100/2007


Chairman of the Managing Board of LST a.s.


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In 2019 our company had a subsidy approved for the project with registration number CZ.01.3.10/0.0/0.0/18_183/0015856:

“Energy savings in the company’s plant in Veselí nad Moravou”

This project is funded from the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness, subprogramme ENERGY SAVINGS and focused on realising energy savings in LST a.s. in the wood processing plant in Veselí nad Moravou. The object of the project is retiring an existing jaw loader and replacing it with a new alternative characterised by greater energy efficiency.

The project addresses the problem of current excessive consumption of utilities and, thus, also high energy demands of handling of raw wood mass and completed semi-finished products and products during the production of beech battenboard. The existing machine is obsolete and highly inefficient in terms of energy consumption. As a result, handling of the input raw material causes considerable losses in terms of energy and translates negatively into the overall operating costs of the beech battenboard production plant and, ultimately, reduces the overall efficiency of the production process.

Implementing the project will result in streamlining the entire processing primarily with respect to the consumption of primary energy (diesel oil), while maintaining the current volume of both input raw materials and output products handled.

Implementation of the project will lead to the achievement of the following goals:

  • increase in the energy efficiency of production and technological processes
  • reduction of utility consumption
  • reduction of carbon dioxide emissions
  • reduction of emissions of other pollutants (NOX, SO2, VOC, solid particles)
  • applicant’s improved competitiveness in the market

Project completion is planned by the end of 2019.

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