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Wood trading

LST-051.jpgThe sale of raw wood, acquired by logging and purchase, in the yearly volume of about 200,000 m3 is organised centrally by our main office in Trhanov. Business activities located in other regions are organised by Division Jih (Český Rudolec) and Division Morava. 

We buy:

  • Tree trunks of all conifer and broadleaf kinds.
  • Standing forest covers.
  • Processed conifer and broadleaf timber.
  • Quality oak and beech round timber.
  • For the Hostouň sawmill we buy large diameter spruce logs 4–5 m long.

We sell:

  • Processed conifer and broadleaf timber.
  • Round timber: pine, spruce, oak, larch, beech, and more.
  • Construction timber: KVH squared timber, BSH squared timber, wooden laths, planks, beams, planed boards, and more.
  • Fuelwood.


Contact person

Jan Strenk
Business department
Email: strenk@lst.cz
Phone: +420 379 794 356, +420 379 792 532
Mobile: +420 606 259 479