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Biomass production and sale


Biomass (green chips from logging residues) is currently a raw material in great demand not only by CHP plants and enterprises that make use of renewable energy sources. The category of biomass includes, for example, pellets and white chips, which are also used in household heating. In order to support the processing and utilisation of all wood waste, we are also engaged in the production and sale of biomass in the form of green chips from residues formed during wood logging in the forest.

Production of biomass

We convert the wood waste that is generated in our production into biomass, which will be used further. We will be pleased to arrange for the carriage of brushwood from your forest and its chipping and utilisation as a fuel – e.g. for CHP plants. We use modern technology for biomass production. We have got, for example, forwarding units, mobile chipper and container logging truck-and-trailer units at our disposal.


Sale of biomass

We will be pleased to sell you biomass, pellets and wood chips. You can get products from us in bulk or packed form. By agreement, we will arrange for transport to your destination as well. We will despatch a lorry or wagon to CHP plants that consume a large amount of biomass.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in biomass. We have got large capacities and we are active throughout the Czech Republic, so we are able to supply large consumers such as CHP plants.

Contact person

Michal Rout 
purchase of brushwood

E-mail: routm@lst.cz

Mobile phone: +420 602 680 740

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