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Wood processing

We process harvested or purchased wood in our plants and sawmills using modern technology. We handle and sort it as logs or work it further to make timber products for construction, power engineering and other fields (such as furniture making).

Production capacities

The production capacities of our forestry and wood processing company are considerable. We harvest and process around 500 thousand cubic metres of wood per year, depending on the prevailing natural and market conditions. Our sawmill capacity amounts to 60 thousand cubic metres of milling per year and from 2021, when we will open a new sawmill in Březnice near Příbram, it will rise to 150 thousand cubic metres per year.

In addition to common construction and other sawn timber, we annually produce 35 thousand cubic metres of KVH and BSH construction squared timber in our plants. We also produce over 3 thousand tonnes of first-class light pellets. We plan to gradually expand our pellet production to at least 10 thousand tonnes in 2021. We supply pellet in bulk form, bagged or in big bags.

Technological equipment

When processing wood, whether producing roundwood or making timber products, we work with modern technology. For example, we use modern harvesters and forwarders, with the basis of our sawmilling plants being the technology of state-of-the-art band saws complemented with resawing, edging and other equipment. We continuously modernise our plants and equip them with new machinery that helps us maintain wood processing at high level.

Timber products

When processing wood we focus in the forest and in our conversion depots on making semi-finished products and roundwood in the form of logs. We then either sell the semi-finished products and logs, or process them further in our plants. In particular, you can get the following from us:

Advantages of our wood processing

We are one of the biggest wood processing and forestry companies in the Czech market. This is also shown by a broad range of our services and products. You can choose from a broad range of certified timber products that guarantee quality. We build long-standing relations with our trading partners and we are particular about fair collaboration with good prospects. We guarantee eco-friendly, environmentally friendly utilisation of forest resources and we intensely support the utilisation of wood as a renewable natural source of raw materials. Contact us.  

Contact person

Ing. Pavel Skřivánek
Manager of Hostouň Sawmill

E-mail: skrivanek@lst.cz

Telephone: +420 379 496 118

Mobile phone: +420 725 024 009

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